On Butthurt: It’s Not Just a Joke

Too many people are butthurt these days.

And surely, the disorder of butthurt is one that largely preys upon youth and the elderly. However, many have failed to grow up. Too many have reverted to their childhood mentality; too many have prematurely aged their minds and they have become hard and brittle.

Why Is It so Cool to Be Gloomy?

The world is in better shape than most people think, but we’re more inclined to focus on bad news than good. Psychology can help explain why.

The Future of Ignorance

The world is neither black or white, right or wrong, or truth or fiction. Rather, every statement comes with a percentage of correctness that we unconsciously filter through our personal “bullshit meter” and file it accordingly in our brain.

Why You Believe Lies You Hear More Often

Even if you think of yourself as a human lie detector, there are some untruths that will sneak under the hood. For that, you can thank your brain, and it’s absolute adoration for all things familiar, says Derek Thompson, senior editor at The Atlantic.