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National Review41 minutes ago
We cannot exist as a pluralistic and diverse society if the price of admission to any American industry is the abandonment of religious faith.
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National Review3 hours ago
Al Gore said that embattled Virginia governor can atone for his alleged sins by opposing the construction of a natural-gas pipeline in Buckingham County, Va.
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National Review5 hours ago
Despite a long history of fake-noose incidents, the enabling continues.
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National Review6 hours ago
When a company repurchases shares, its value rises and employees benefit. These senators think something is wrong with that.
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National Review19 hours ago
From race to environmentalism to wealth, the gulf between ideological rhetoric and reality has rarely been wider.
National Review
National Review21 hours ago
The FBI is investigating whether Jussie Smollett sent himself a threatening letter in the days before the "hate crime" he is now under investigation for allegedly staging.