Melania Trump Slapping the President’s Hand Away Was Heard ’Round the World


Melania Trump Slapping the President’s Hand Away Was Heard ’Round the World


WATCH | Melania Trump Refusing to Hold Trump’s Hand?


[dropcap]P[/dropcap]resident Trump took his first trip abroad, landing first in Saudi Arabia.

While many have spent time analyzing what the trip meant for foreign relations, others couldn’t stop talking about another moment.

The president and First Lady Melania Trump walked down a tarmac in Israel when the First Lady appeared to slap away her husband’s hand:



The ladies of ABC’s “The View” couldn’t keep it together.

Both the co-hosts and the audience couldn’t contain their laughter at the video. In fact, they insisted playing it two more times.

“It was like a flick of the wrist,” Sunny Hostin said in awe.

Whoopi Goldberg joked that perhaps Trump was trying to pinch the First Lady on the butt and she swatted his efforts away.

Joy Behar thought it was deeper, insisting, “She can’t stand him.”

“Every woman knows what that means,” Jedediah Bila said through chuckles. She and Hostin were on the same page, laughing at some of the familiar cues in relationships.

And they certainly weren’t the only ones to find some laughs from the moment.




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There are many theories out there about the relationship between Donald Trump and Melania, and most of them lead to the conclusion that their relationship is less than stellar. And this latest video featuring President Trump walking down an airport tarmac in Israel with her isn’t do them any favors.



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