Michelle Malkin: A Nation of Immigrants

by Jacob Airey

CRTV host and bestselling author Michelle Malkin discusses migration in the latest Prager University video, “A Nation of Immigrants.” She dispels some of the far-left myths surrounding immigration and explains how the United States is one of the most welcoming countries in the world.

Malkin opens by discussing how leftists in the Democrat Party, such as Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, have used immigration as a way to virtue-signal.

As Malkin points out, “Just one problem: It’s not true.”

“The United States still maintains the most generous immigration policies in the world. Generous to a fault … because the overwhelming numbers have stymied our ability to assimilate the huddled masses,” Malkin continues. “How did we get here? For starters, America grants permanent residence to a million people every single year. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg because of something you’ve probably heard referred to as ‘chain migration.’”

Malkin goes to explain how immigration is affecting institutions and social programs, including welfare and hospitals.

“This non-stop flow of new legal immigrants,” she says, “… has, of course, been supplemented by millions who enter the country illegally and stay illegally.”

Malkin breaks down how the Left’s allies in the mainstream media spin coverage of the immigration issue to further their agenda.

“Dominant media outlets use the euphemism ‘undocumented,’ but the official U.S. government term used in federal statutes is ‘illegal alien’: an unlawful entrant who came without permission and stays in open defiance of our laws,” she says. “The number of illegal aliens in the country is usually given as 11 million, but have you noticed that number never seems to change? Common sense suggests it’s higher … much higher.”

Malkin suggests building a border wall, ending chain migration, and upgrading the national database for immigrants seeking to live in the United States.

She continues, “But all solutions will ultimately fail unless we get control of the numbers and enforce our laws consistently. It’s Sovereignty 101: This is our home and we have not only the right, but the responsibility, to determine who comes in, how many come in, and what qualities and qualifications they bring.”

Watch the full video below: