Anonymous Attacks ISIS with Rubber Ducks on Trolling Day

Anonymous Attacks ISIS with Rubber Ducks on Trolling Day


Anonymous Attacks ISIS with Rubber Ducks on Trolling Day

by Coburn Palmer

The hacktivist group Anonymous declared Friday to be ISIS Trolling Day as part of their cyber-campaign against the terror group and the internet responded with thousands of rubber ducky memes.

Pictures of ISIS militants with their heads photoshopped to look like ducks may not be all that damaging, but the thousands of memes that filled the internet Friday make the terror group look ridiculous. That’s something the self-styled caliphate has struggled desperately to avoid, reports CNBC.

“They thrive off of fear they hope that by their actions they can silence all of us and get us to just lay low and hide in fear.”

The hashtags #Daeshbags, #ISISTrollingDay and #TrollingDay have all gone viral on social media as the internet responded to the hacker group’s use of comedy to fight terror.

Duck memes aren’t the only ones being used to subvert the Deash recruitment machine. Friday the internet was also full of sexist, racist, and homophobic photoshopped images including anime and the KKK masquerading as ISIS fighters.

Earlier this week, Anonymous posted a message on the file-sharing website Ghostbin asking everyone to join them in their cyber crusade against ISIS, or Daesh, a derogatory term the West has taken to using, according to CNBC.

“We ask you to show your support and help against ISIS by joining us and trolling them. Do not think you have to be part of Anonymous, anyone can do this and does not require special skills. We ask you to take part of this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, in the ‘Real World.’”

Trolling is a word used on the internet to describe people who use abusive or insulting language to threaten other users online.

Anonymous is hoping to damage ISIS’s or Daesh’s online image through social media attacks. The self-styled caliphate uses a sophisticated digital media presence to advertise itself around the world and lure initiates to its ranks; it has recruitment videos on YouTube, supporters on Twitter, and even a Facebook page.

Social media companies have attempted to remove ISIS content from their sites, but related posts keep popping up. The terrorist group even has its own smartphone app and encrypted messaging service, according to Fortune.

Anonymous has also claimed to have taken down hundreds of Facebook and Twitter accounts belonging to the terror group.

That’s why the thousands of ducky memes flooding the internet are supposed to be harmful to ISIS; because they damage the groups credibility and ability to be taken seriously by those it rules, and governments around the world.

The hacker group Anonymous declared digital war on ISIS in November after the Paris terrorist attacks claimed the lives of 130 people. The hacker group announced that it planned to launch a massive digital campaign against the terror group; they’ve been attacking Daesh with denial of service attacks that threaten to take their websites offline.

In response, ISIS declared Anonymous to be “idiots,” but then went on to instruct their members how to avoid being hacked, according to CNBC.

Anonymous also declared war on Donald Trump Friday with their #OpTrump hashtag after the billionaire called for a ban on Muslims entering the country. The hacker group has attacked The Donald’s websites with denial of service attacks designed to shut down his business.

They succeeded in crashing the Trump Tower website temporarily Wednesday night, according to Forbes.

[Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images] [The Inquisitr News]
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