NASA: Spinning Off Since 1962

Studies estimate that for every $1 the U.S. government spends on NASA, the economy is boosted by $7-$14. That means that with NASA’s current budget of $17.6 billion, the U.S. economy will get an injection of anywhere from $123.2 billion to $246.4 billion.


On Butthurt: It’s Not Just a Joke

Too many people are butthurt these days.

And surely, the disorder of butthurt is one that largely preys upon youth and the elderly. However, many have failed to grow up. Too many have reverted to their childhood mentality; too many have prematurely aged their minds and they have become hard and brittle.


Facebook Cofounder: Please Break Up Facebook

Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes isn’t just idly wondering if regulators might break up the tech behemoth he helped launch. He’s going on a personal tour, meeting with state and federal officials to lay out in detail the way he thinks it could be done.