The Scale of the Universe 2

This interactive Flash animation titled “The Scale of the Universe 2”, covering everything in the universe from the fabric of space-time to the estimated size of the universe, was posted earlier in 2012, and it is awesome. A month or so later, it went viral, but why would something that comes straight out of an eighth grade physical science textbook become so popular? First, the actual scale of the universe is mind blowing as it spans 62 orders of magnitude (that’s multiplying 62 10’s together). Second, the animation is very well produced and packed with information to the extent that it’s an incredibly useful learning tool for those who are just curious to students learning about science. And finally, it was created by a 14-year-old, Cary Huang, and his twin brother, Michael, who worked on it for a year and a half as a fun project…that’s right, it was not a school assignment but an interest sparked from a seventh grade teacher showing a video of the size of cells.

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