Video shows a 65-year-old woman getting aggressive with an officer over an $80 ticket. (Source: KOCO/Hearst/Cashion Police/CNN)

VIDEO: Viral Video Shows Woman Flee Police, Resist Arrest Over Taillight Ticket

Debra Sue Hamil, 67, refused to sign a ticket and then fled Cashion police before she was Tased and arrested.

Cashion, OK – An angry senior citizen, unwilling to pay the fine for a broken taillight, is in serious trouble after she led police on a brief chase and then resisted arrest until she was brought under control by a Taser (video below).

The incident occurred on July 23 after a Cashion police officer stopped 67-year-old Debra Sue Hamil for driving her pickup truck with a broken taillight, the Kingfisher Times & Free Press reported.

Bodycam video began as the officer was asking Hamil, who looked like a stereotypical grandmother, to sign an $80 defective equipment ticket.

“What?” the woman asked, shocked at the amount of the fine. “So you don’t even give a warning for this?”

“But you’ve been driving around for six months like that,” the officer explained.

“I’m truthful,” the woman said, as if that were an excuse for failing to fix her taillight.

“Well, I’m not going to give you a warning for something you’ve been driving for six months,” the officer responded.

“Well, I don’t want to sign it because I don’t want to pay $80,” the woman argued.

The video showed the officer confirmed the woman was not willing to sign her ticket.

“No, because I don’t think I deserve to pay $80 for something that is fixable and I can fix it…” she said.

“Alright, go ahead and step out of the car,” the officer told Hamil.

“Why?” the woman asked, looking truly surprised.

“Because you’re under arrest,” the officer told her.

“No, I’m not,” she argued.

“Step out, step out,” the officer calmly ordered the woman in the video.

In response, she began to roll up the driver’s door window.

“I’m giving you a lawful order to step out,” the officer said.

The officer knocked on the door of the car and Hamil put her window down a few inches, the video showed.

“You be fair with me and I’ll be fair with you,” she offered the police officer.

“Step out,” the officer ordered her.

“No,” she replied.

“You’re under arrest,” the officer told Hamil in the video.

“No, I’m not,” Hamil argued.

“I’m placing you under arrest,” the officer said.

That’s when the older woman lost her temper completely.

“You are full of s–t because you’re not placing me under no d–n arrest,” she yelled at the officer in the video.

The woman went as if to drive away and the officer warned her not to.

“Do not take off,” he said.

“Oh shut up and give me that and I’ll sign it,” Hamil said, finally giving in to the inevitable. But it was too late.

“Step out,” the officer ordered her.

“No,” Hamil replied.

“We’re beyond that,” the officer let her know that it was too late to simply sign the ticket.

“No,” Hamil said again.

Then Hamil put her car window back up and proceeded to drive away from the officer.

The officer ran back to his police vehicle and jumped in to pursue her.

She stopped again a short while later and when the officer got out of his vehicle, he conducted a felony traffic stop on Hamil’s vehicle with his weapon drawn.

“Get out of the car,” the officer ordered Hamil three times from a safe distance.

Still, the woman refused to comply with the officer’s orders and informed him that he couldn’t do that to her, the video showed.

Hamil began to put her window up again, so the officer walked over to the truck and opened the driver’s door.

Then he ordered her out of her vehicle again.

“Get out of the car,” he ordered Hamil a final time.

She reared back as if to scoot away from him across the front seat of the truck and the officer reached in and grabbed her.

“You’d better leave me…” she hollered as the officer pulled her from the truck and put her on the ground beside it.

She fought him and refused to put her hands behind her back.

“Leave me alone!” she shrieked.

“Put your hands behind your back!” he commanded as she continued to resist arrest.

“No!” she yelled.

Instead of following the officer’s commands, the video showed Hamil rolled onto her back and kicked at the officer’s groin.

The video showed that was when the officer backed up and drew his Taser.

He pointed it in the direction of the woman as she tried to get up off the ground but it didn’t appear to faze her.

When she got to her knees as if to go after the officer, he deployed the Taser and delivered a charge that made Hamil scream “ow!”

Then she rolled away from the officer and continued to argue.

He ordered her again to lay down and put her hands behind her back, but instead she sat up.

“I will stand up!” she argued. “I will stand up.”

“No, you will not,” the officer replied.

Hamil continued to argue and resist, the video showed.

“You’re going to get it again,” the officer warned her.

Finally, the video showed the woman rolled back over on the pavement and commenced wailing, unwilling to be Tased again.

The officer put her in handcuffs and afterwards, he asked her if she realized she had gotten herself in a lot more trouble than was necessary.

“For what?” she asked.

“For running,” he explained.

“I didn’t run. I told you that you weren’t going to arrest me,” the woman argued in the video, as if she was being completely logical.

Then she complained that she hurt all over.

The officer told her that an ambulance was on the way and the woman became exasperated.

“You got a what on the way?” she asked. “Ambulance? I don’t need an ambulance.”

The officer put Hamil in the backseat of his police vehicle and the video showed she continued to be mouthy.

“You did not have to Taser me,” the grumpy woman told the officer.

“You wouldn’t comply, you wouldn’t get out. And then you tried to kick me. So yes, I did,” he replied.

“Yeah, I tried to kick you because I’m a country girl…” she admitted. “And I didn’t like being thrown on the ground.”

Hamil was arrested and the Kingfisher County District Attorney’s office charged her with felony assault on a police officer and misdemeanor resisting arrest, KOCO reported.

She was released on a $10,000 bond on July 24, according to the Kingfisher Times & Free Press.

Watch the older woman get herself arrested for a broken taillight in the video below:

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